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Watch Back to Basics Video

Back to Basics

Less is usually more. For this episode, we are saying "See ya!" to today's trends and going back to the basics. Everyone has some form of the white tee and jeans look, so I took those wardrobe staples, kept them simple, and added some cool accessories and silhouette to turn my look from "*basic* to classic.
Watch Spring Wardrobe Essentials Video

Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Just hanging out, talking to a camera again. This episode is a little more personal, showing my favorites for this season, style essentials that I rock again and again during the spring months. Yay for sunshine and green and denim jackets and things :)
Watch Celeb Style : Gigi & Bella Hadid Video

Celeb Style : Gigi & Bella Hadid

Celebrity Style is back! This time I copied 2 very 90's, very minimalist looks from the beautiful Hadid sisters. These girls are gorgeous AND they have awesome style that is so fun and easy to replicate! I spent under $35 copying these girls' looks at Plato's Closet and got to spend a morning looking like a supermodel :)
Watch Colors of the Year | Spring 2016 Video

Colors of the Year | Spring 2016

The colors of the year have been named, and I've picked out my favorites for spring! They have some... interesting names... buuut are seriously perfect for the season and so easy to integrate into your style IF you don't already have them in our closet! Stylish, sustainable, and smart shopping done at Plato's Closet
Watch Valentine's Day {to Night} Looks Video

Valentine's Day {to Night} Looks

ROSE has taken over! Check out her Valentine's looks, a light, casual look for during the day and a fun, sporty look for night! She proves you don't have to wear red or pink to totally rock this holiday. All of her pieces were (obviously) found at Plato's Closet!
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